Jan 20, 2012

Peace among heavy rain

It was a heavy downpour under a huge tentage sat the largest Jade Buddha in the world.

Bros n Sis please do pay homage to this unique symbol of Buddha. Trust me, it has immense vibration to reach your inner consciousness. Soon after I felt this, the announcer read an email dated 19 Jan 2012 (see below) from Bodhaya, Lama Zopa extolling the immeasurable merits to pay homage to this Jade Buddha. Sadhu x 3
"I want to emphasize the importance of so many people, I think it seems millions of people, who have seen the statue and have therefore have had strong imprints placed in their minds for enlightenment. As much as possible remember this and to REJOICE, this is such a wonderful achievement!!! Please remember the benefits to sentient beings in what you are doing with the tour, by people even merely seeing the Jade Buddha, ultimately brings them extensive benefit." - Lama Zopa Ripoche

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